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HATS ARE SO FAST YOU GUYS. I probably whipped this up in a couple of hours:

Pattern: My own, which I’ll be publishing at some point hopefully
Yarn: Recycled tripled wool
Needles: US 8 16″ KP circular

Hats are so fast. They are even faster if you don’t cast on 20 more stitches and get all the way to the beginning of the decreases before realizing that’s not going to fit any head ever, including Andre the Giant, thus doing an amount of unnecessary knitting that would probably make another whole hat and a half.

Even with the ripping and reknitting, it still came out a little big. That actually works in my favor though, since the hat is for my brother, whose head is a big bigger than mine. It is a nice little beanie though. I wouldn’t wear it since I don’t really wear beanies (I prefer ear flaps or bonnets because they cover my ears properly), but it’s cute.

The goal is to write up the pattern as part of a collaboration that I don’t want to talk too much about yet (counting ones chickens and so forth). I might do a whole set (hat, cowl, mittens) since the amount of stitches I cast on originally would be a great width for a cowl, which I discovered after taking the needle out. It’s been ages since I’ve actually published a design, even though I make up patterns fairly regularly. So that’s happening.

Briefly in life news: Move is happening tomorrow! I’m ready in no way other than emotionally, but EXCITE.