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In such little time I didn’t even tell you I was working on it, I released a new pattern!



Betta Fish Amigurumi

US $3.00

These cute little ami Bettas are perfect for last minute gifts for any Betta lover (or playful kitty). They work up fast (about 45 minutes) with only about 30 yards of yarn. Add a little stuffing and a little puff paint or embroidery for eyes and you’ve got a cute little fishie you don’t have to remember to feed.


– Set of 5 US 5/3.75 mm dpns
– US 6/4 mm straight needles

Yarn: 30 yards worsted weight/10ply yarn

Gauge: Not especially important

Finished measurements: Finished toy measures approx. 6”x5”

The pattern for this little fishie is available in my Ravelry store for $3. BUT if you buy any other pattern in my store this week, you’ll get the Betta Fish pattern for free! You don’t even need a code! Just add the patterns you want to purchase and the Betta fish pattern to your cart and the discount should be applied automatically.


More Ongoing Wish Swap goodness! I claimed Mlsocci74 for kitty things and armwarmers for her daughter.

It took me like, nineteen tries to get a color combination that wouldn’t make me want to stab my eye out while I was knitting them. I believe I was successful, though they’re still vaguely sickeningly girly:


Pattern: The one from my head. Top-down fingerless mitts with extra long cuffs.
Yarn: Reclaimed thrift store sweater wool. Natural/undyed* and kool-aid hand-dyed pink, which would be a pretty color if I liked pink at all.
Needles: US 7/4.5 mm Clover dpns

*Mac dictionary wanted to correct this to “undead”. Bahahahaha, zombie mitts!


These took me a grand total of like three hours to make, which isn’t bad at all. And they’re cute I guess. I wouldn’t wear them (I need my pink to be SERIOUSLY TEMPERED if it’s on my person), but a 13-year-old might like them if she’s girly. Yay.

I also made a bunch of kitty toys (mice) for the package:


Pattern: My own. Increase up to 16, knit around, decrease down to three and knit icord. Ears are crocheted mostly.
Yarn: Various scraps of things including Cascade Eco Wool, Knit Picks WotA, and thrift store sweater wool.
Needles: US 7/4.5 mm for the Eco Wool and US 5/3.75(right?) mm for the others.

Photobucket Photobucket
(I have a serious love for this photo. I love the Macro setting.)

They’re cute. I like to hold them. I might make some for my cats for when I’m home over winter break because they take only a tiny amount of yarn and are GREAT for stash/scrap busting. I used up every inch of that purple WotA. Win.

Anyway, that’s what I sent off. One of my packages has arrived (not this one), so I can claim someone else! Whoo! I also recently finished two knitted things, which I will have FO posts for soon (today is gloomy and not a good day for photos).