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I currently have a total of five knits on the needles, but we’re going to forget about the three I haven’t touched in ages to focus on the two sweaters I’ve got in the works.

The first is a heavily-modified version of the Airy Lace Wrap-Around Sweater from Fitted Knits. I just recently made one for a swap, but I’ve started another for me:


I’m using a recycled nylon/viscose/angora/cashmere blend, a laceweight held double. I’m using a smaller needle than recommended because my yarn doesn’t have the halo that mohair has. I’m going to make the sleeves and the body longer, forgo the cables, and probably mess with the wrap ties.

The second sweater I have OTN is a test knit, the thread for which is here. It’s a super cute vest with cable detailing.


This is a recycled merino fingering held double. I’m loving the fabric I’m getting.

And yes, those are my adorable adipose stitch markers.


BONUS! Kitty picture:


Sometimes Scrawny forgets to pull his tongue back into his mouth.