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I received from my Battlestar Galactica swap today! I was in a round robin, and the crafter of these wonderful items was the swap organizer, LimeRiot, who is totally wonderful. Check out what she made:


A sweet embroidery with a cute lil toaster. : ) Frakkin’ Toasters!


An AWESOME painting inspired by Starbuck’s paintings.


And two felted bowls, inspired by the Cylon Centurions and Caprica Six’s red dress (which, btw, I totally love). The larger Centurion bowl will be perfect for a key bowl to keep by the door of my apartment next year, and the smaller one will probably hold odds and ends around my craft space.

I TOTALLY LOVE eveything Lime sent me, and I can’t wait to display it in my room in August. For more Battlestar-inspired crafts, the gallery thread for the swap is located here