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I made a thing the other day to celebrate the death of DOMA (you know, in case there was any doubt that I’m liberal as fuck).

 photo 001_zps2309473a.jpg

Loom: Easy Weaver (don’t buy this loom; it’s a pain in the ass)
Reed: 5 or 6 dpi or thereabouts
Yarn: Scraps, mostly. Recycled wool and wool/acrylic blends. The weft is a recycled 50/50 wool acrylic

This scarf was warped… creatively. I used as many of my tiny scraps as I could, resulting in a lot of spit splices and tying the ends together to get a long enough loop. This resulted in a bunch of warp threads breaking, which was a pain. Mostly the yellow threads since that yarn was the weakest.

 photo 004_zpsfb0fc0df.jpg

The intent was to make this scarf for myself because I like rainbows (especially gay rainbows) and I like scarves, but I may change my mind if a gift-giving situation happens and the person happens to like (big gay) rainbows.

 photo 006_zps056a4c73.jpg

The scarf came out pretty long. Longer than my wingspan and long enough to wrap around my neck twice, so, y’know, at least six feet. Cause anything longer than my wingspan is “pretty long” in my book. Tales from short people. Anyway.

Tour de Fleece is happening! My goal was to spin every day but I’ve already failed that (wasn’t feeling well the other day and went to sleep at a ridiculous hour). Still trying though! I’m not really on a team since I’m only tangentially participating. Plus if I joined a team, I’d probably be tempted into buying all the fiber and I really am (kinda) making a concerted effort to work down the stash and also I’m poor. So there’s that. More spinning stuff later.