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Hey, so remember when I had that blog and I updated it and told everyone about the stuff I was making? And then I apparently fell of a cliff and never got around to posting for like a month? Yeah. So hi. It’s my birthday today (I’m 23), so I guess you guys get the gift of a post today. I don’t know. Anyway.

I’ve been hella busy recently. I went up to visit the boyfriend’s paternal folks for Thanksgiving and as such spent several days in New York City. There are no pictures, but we played a lot of Scrabble and other tabletop games and also there was food or whatever. Every side of the boyfriend’s family is awesome and it’s totally not fair.

On the crafting front, I have been knitting like a madwoman, but almost entirely shark mittens for Etsy. And I still have like five open orders because I apparently hate knitting anything for myself ever. Anyway. One of the Etsy things I made was a matching set of mittens and hat. Stegosaurus versions! So have some pictures:


Pattern: Jurassic Mittens (Steggie version)
Yarn: Cotton/acrylic blend. Broke my sweater fast for the yarn.
Needles: US 8/5mm


So now that I’ve actually made the Steggie mittens, I’m going to update the Jurassic Mittens pattern with more pictures and fix everything up and what all.

Here’s the hat:


There’s no pattern cause I made it up as I went along, but I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. The boyfriend reminded me about the little spikes at the end of a Steg’s tail, so I included them on the hat. Perhaps I’ll write it up. I haven’t done any pattern writing in a while.

I’ll try to get back on the posting ball, but I’m mostly just making sharks here. And I rarely photograph them before I send them out. Plus I’m going down to Virginia Beach on the 19th and spending Christmas in Florida, so I’ll be busy. But I’ll try.

In book news: Joe and I read Outgoing Flight, which was AHH AMAZING and I totally worship at the church of Timothy Zahn. I’m currently reading Spinneret, a book of his I bought on Amazon’s black Friday sale. ALSO did you know that there are Stargate Atlantis books that follow the show cancellation? OF COURSE I bought those suckers. I finished the first one. For more book news, you can follow me on Goodreads here.

Okay, first off: I’m fine, my folks are fine. We’re in DC and just got some rain. Never even lost power. My heart goes out to those in NY and Delaware (including the boy’s folks and my aunt) and everywhere else and I hope everyone’s okay or at least doing the best they can.

In lighter knittier news, I knit a scarf. It’s for Ongoing Wish Swap, which I got around to rejoining. It’s a super simple scarf–just knit length-wise in garter.


Pattern: I CO like 175 and worked garter stitch
Needles: US 8/5 mm
Yarn: All the leftover bits from shark mittens. As you can see, shark mittens have been many shades over the years.


It has fringe. I’m pretty chuffed with it. Sort of displeased I have to send it away, but I think I’m going to make a similar one for myself with the various other wool scraps I have kicking around. I’m thinking rainbow colors. Fun.

I took a picture of this the other day intending to do a WIP post of everything I’m working on, but I realized I was only a couple of rows from the end, so I just finished it and photographed the finished scarf. I will have a WIP post up soon as even though I’ve been remiss about posting, I have certainly been knitting and working on lots of things.

If you’re on the East coast, stay safe and dry. I know I got super lucky but a lot of people didn’t.

Ravelry tells me I started these socks on September 12, so I am super pleased to get them off the needles.


(Yes I know they don’t match. Apparently the yarn was not all the same colorway. I didn’t buy it; I just worked with what I had.)

Pattern: It’s a toe-up sock with Wendy Johnson’s gusseted heel. Wedge toe.
Yarn: Sidar Crofter DK, three skeins
Needles: US 2/2.75 mm


Sooooooocks. I love socks. I love handknit socks. These are pretty fabulous. I love long socks. There isn’t too terribly much to say about them other then they are very long and I like them. I don’t know much about the yarn, but it’s 60% acrylic, so we’ll see how it wears. I have other socks mainly composed of acrylic that I’ve purchased and they’re not too bad. So we’ll see.


In fandom news, I am on book 7 of the Star Wars X Wing series. I just today started Solo Command, the third Wraith Squadon book. I kind of love it. It’s super fun. After this is the Courtship of Princess Leia because I have fallen HARD for the Star Wars extended universe. Expect crafts about it. And, of course, you can follow my progress here

Also, I signed up for another swap. This one is Sherlock-themed, but nothing with that will happen for a while. I’m trying to do another round of OWS but I’m not sure what’s happening there.

In other knitting, I recently purchased this ebook and OMG LOVE. It’s so pretty. I’ve already cast on for the Parquet Underbust Corset and I plan to make like nine other things. I’m feeling a bit of cast on mania, but I’m trying to curb it. I’m thinking of ripping the Pfeiffer Falls scarf I started ages ago and working the Legacy Frock Coat in the scrummy worsted cashmere.

Soo hi there! Sorry for the radio silence. Anyway, I can finally show off one of the super secret projects I’ve been working on. This past weekend the boy and I traveled up to Pittburgh for our friend’s wedding. And I, being the crafty sort, made her gift. It is totally geeky, like the newly weds. So yeah.


Yarn: 50/50 wool/acrylic blends recycled from sweaters in pink and black. Also some scraps of grey and a tiiiiny bit of blue.
Needles: US 8/5mm
Modifications: I started with the base then switched to pink to work from the bottom up. I also knit icord for the plunger and gun arms. My bobbles are also a bit smaller than written. There is floral gauge wire in the appendages. Oh, and I used slip stitches in the neck stripes bit to make it look more like a classic Dalek.


I’m kind of inordinately pleased with the eyestalk and the little blue bit. Yay.


If I were more clever, I would have included on the care tag (which I made later and did not photograph) some sort of “Exterminate” or Dalek pun buuuuut I’m not so I didn’t.

I also sewed up a drawstring bag to package everything in. Because wrapping paper is for people who don’t sew apparently. IDEK. Anyway.

So yeah. Wedding present times. Whoo! More knitting/crafting FOs soon, I promise.

Good news first: I am employed! It’s only part time, but it’s working with a nanny agency and I quite like it. We’ll let that be the reason I’ve been terrible about blogging. Because I’ve been doing a bit of crafting, mostly knitting. I currently have two projects on the needles, though one is a super secret wedding present, so no pictures of that because the recipient might wander over here. The other is a lace sweater of my own design:


Top down, set in sleeves, making it up as I go. I’m using a half pound cone of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece fine. I think I should have enough yarn, but I’m going to do all the cuffs/edgings in a blue of the same yarn. I’m pretty thrilled with the way things have turned out so far.

Here’s a close up of the stitch pattern I’m using:


I do sort of have a finished object, but it’s a pair of shark mittens for an Etsy buyer. You guys all know what they look like and anyway I forgot to snap a picture before I packaged them up.

I’m also doing two swaps: a yarn/hooper swap (for which I am a yarnie and will be knitting) and a Doctor Who swap. The new season starts Sept. 1 and I cannot wait at all. Love that show. : )

Hello from my apartment in Northern Virginia where I am all moved in. I want to show you pictures of the place but it’s kind of a disaster area at the moment. Lots of organizing to do. Anyway, in between that, I made a bathmat:

Pattern: By Your Bed/Bathmat/Doormat
Yarn: Navy (it’s darker than the picture shows) t-shirt yarn/tarn I got in a swap on Craftster a while ago. I used 7/8 balls. (The last might become a dishcloth if I ever find it.)
Hook: GIGANTIC plastic 15mm hook
Mods: I added an extra row of shells/3dc in ch1 sp.

Woo! Pretty simple project; went by super quickly. And now we have a pretty bathmat.

This next week will likely be spent cleaning and organizing and a little bit of job hunting. I’m applying to the Fairfax school system, which I likely won’t get but would be awesome if I did. Cheers!

You guys, packing is stressful. I have to cull everything I own until I can fit it all in a minivan, and I have a lot of stuff. A LOT of stuff. Mostly yarn and clothes. I have four plastic bins and a cardboard box full of yarn, plus I have yarn or unravels-in-progress stuffed in every tiny nook and cranny of the rest of the bags and boxes and bins. Probably 80% of my stuff is either craft supplies or clothes, both of which are things I enjoy frequently and can get for very cheap. The other 20% is books. Maybe there’s 1% “other stuff”. Mostly clothes and books and craft supplies and books. I like books.

ANYWAY, I made a sweater. It looks like this:


(Do ignore my blurry arm meat there.)

Pattern: My own. Thinking about writing it up.
Yarn: Recycled mercerized cotton from a Ralph Lauren pullover (I have lots left)
Needles: US 3/2.75mm straights and a US 5/3.25 circular for the ruffles

Please appreciate that it is approximately five hundred degrees outside, into which I ventured to get pictures of this sweater. (The actual temperature is like 97 but at a certain point it all just feels HOT.) I jumped into the pool right after (I changed first) but still. HOT.


I really like knitting summer sweaters and tanks. They’re fast and I can wear them pretty much year round (though with a shirt under for the winter), unlike a sweater, which is really only good when it’s cold enough.

So I love this thing. I knit it in a strip like the Carousel socks from Knitty that I made a couple weeks ago. I do love the strip construction. It keeps my attention for the whole project so I never get bored like I do with things that are just long rows of stockinette.


In further life news, if I have no said exactly so yet, I will be moving to Fairfax on Tuesday. You might not hear from me for a little while after that while I settle in/job hunt. I’ll almost certainly be on Twitter frequently though, so feel free to drop me a line. I almost always respond on Twitter. I love Twitter.

Happy Independence Day, Americans! I’m safely back in Virginia Beach for the week and am knitting again. I only have two things on the needles and they happen to be red, white, and blue!

There’s the Roundabout sweater:


I’m just over the bust at this point so I’ll need to figure out how I want to do sleeves/straps.

Then there’s my TARDIS socks, which are half done:


I haven’t yet cast on for the second sock, so I guess these aren’t really OTN per se, but I’ll get the other one on there soon.

In life news: Much of this week will be spent packing. I’m hoping to have an actual moving date of Monday for when I’m going up to Northern Virginia to move in with my boyfriend. I’ll keep you posted on the job status but for right now, my only income is my Ravelry pattern store. I’ll start looking in depth when I get up there.

But today’s for drinking and knitting and fireworks and whatall. And watching Independence Day, natch.

I haven’t been doing much crafting on this trip, but I have been doing some cool things. On Wednesday I went to Niagara Falls with my brother, mother, and grandmother. It was super fun and we got really close to the falls. We parked on Goat Island, where we saw the Tesla Memorial and Horseshoe Falls:


Then we went of the “Cave of the Winds Tour”. It’s a bunch of stairs and platforms next to the American Falls. Here’s what it looks like from above:


Not too bad, right? A little mist. So we get to climbing (they give you ponchos; my brother and I elected not to wear ours) and there’s like, a lovely little stream coming down some rocks:


So we climb some more stairs and reach something called the Hurricane Deck:


It was aptly named. We got thoroughly drenched with Niagara river water. Completely saturated.

We went to the Three Sisters Islands, three tiny islands that used to be underwater. You can get right up close to the river:


So close, in fact, that I could put my toe in the water (it was cold):


We also stared longingly across the river to Canada, where you now need a passport to get to:


We watched the traffic on the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard Canada (that is its actual name):


I hear today is Canada, so three cheers. I’ll drink to that.

Soo I am in New York this week (near Buffalo) visiting my grandparents, who are there for the summer. It’s partially a visit and partially a mission to help my grandparents go through the stuff in their closes/attic so the house can be sold at some point. I haven’t been doing a whole lot of knitting, but I have been doing some hiking.

On the drive up, we stopped at an overlook in Pennsylvania on the Susquehanna river. There was some very soft mud/quicksand:


Earlier today (having arrived in New York on Monday), we went on a hike here:


There was hiking:


And a “waterfall”:


There hasn’t been a tremendous amount of rain lately. (And that’s my younger brother, btw.)

I’ll have to snap some pictures when we go into Newfane (the town we’re in). It’s super cute and tiny and all slice-of-Americana. I love it.

One final note: I’m going to continue to call it the Ravelympics. The USOC should see someone about that stick they’ve got up their ass.