Another twofer! Two projects for one post! I made some socks.


This pair is made with Regia 4 Ply sock yarn. It’s pretty fabulously stripy, which made the knitting super fast (I’ll just knit to the next color… no, the next color). And since I knit the socks one at a time, it also made it easy to make them the same length. It also meant I knit the cuffs a little longer than usual, but I actually really like them this length, so it’s okay.


This pair is made with Premiere Serenity Sock Prints in the “Thyme” colorway, and let me tell you, that is a powerful ugly colorway. Like, maybe without the orange it would be okay, but they put in the orange and just… ugh. I don’t really care though cause they’re socks and they’ll go in shoes and it’ll be fine. The yarn is one I have used for socks before, though I’m not crazy about it. It’s 25% bamboo, and that makes for a really drapey yarn, not really something you want in socks. They tend to sag and stretch throughout the day and by the end, you’ve got more of a sack on your foot than a finished sock. Oh well. I actually got lots of this yarn leftover (as well as in several other colorways), so I’ll probably knit a couple pair of scrap socks with it eventually. They’ll have the same problem, but the bamboo does make them slightly cooler to wear in the summer, so oh well.

I made both socks using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern. It’s basically a short row heel, but it’s really easy and fits really well. And the short row technique is brilliant, so I’ll be doing that for all future short rows. I’ve had problems with short row heels before, but I think the bulk of the problems came in placement of the heel rather than depth or fit. When I first started knitting socks I had a real impatience problem that meant I put in the heel way too early, making the foot super small. I knit all my socks top down now though, so that has helped (as has a large does of patience). If you haven’t given the FLK heel a try, I strongly recommend it. I will definitely be putting it in more socks in the future.