One of my goals for this year (besides eat less crap and maybe lose a couple pounds) is to be more consistent with blogging. I finish a lot of things, so it shouldn’t be a problem, and it’s not like I don’t have the time to write the posts. I just put it off, I guess. I’d like to be better about posting non-FO posts instead of just the parade of finished things when they come off the needles.

As such, here’s a finished object:

(Sorry the picture is sideways and crap; it was raining and I wanted to snap a couple of shots as quickly as possible)

Pattern: It’s a sock. Top down, flap and gusset heel, wedge toe
Yarn: Wild Hare Fiber Studio Hand Dyed Pinnacle Sock Yarn in Peacock Strut
Needles: Addi Sock Rockets, US 1. I love these needles, y’all.

These socks were, as usual, super simple to knit. They’re mostly mindless. The second sock was knit mostly in line for things (or while walking around) at Disney World this past Christmas. They came out a little too big (not sure why–my other 64 stitch socks fit okay; maybe I’ll go with 60 for plain socks next time) and a little short (that’s my own impatience), but on the whole, totally wearable.

Despite the fit issues, I really do like the socks. I ADORE the colors and the yarn was fabulous to work with. It’s pretty cottony (if that makes any sense), which is how I prefer my sock yarn. I bought the yarn a couple of years ago at a craft fair in Alexandria called Craftermath. It was definitely a splurge (I don’t usually buy indie hand dyed sock yarn), but it was totally worth it.

I have about 40g of the yarn left. It’ll probably (eventually) get turned into another pair of socks with contrasting ribbing, heels, and toes. Then I’ll have two pairs of super pretty socks. : )

In other crafting news: I know I said I wanted to post things other than FOs sometimes, but as it turns out, I’ve been making some quick things, so I actually have two more finished things to show off. By the end of the second post, I’ll probably have two more. (Look, worsted weight hats are really quick and so is weaving). Maybe I’ll throw in a WIP post for the sweater I’m working on. I’m sure you guys don’t mind the constant parade of pretty knits one bit, huh?