Day two of NaBloPoMo and it’s another finished object! We’re on a roll so far.

 photo 013_zps8b91a9f1.jpg

Pattern: Pauline by Kristen Hanley Cardozo
Yarn: Juniper Moon Farms Marlowe in Georgiana, about three-quarters of a skein
Needles: US 8/5 mm
Mods: I did a twisted cord instead of garter for the ties. I used an icord bind off for the last 20 stitches and did an applied icord edging for the rest.

I’m pretty chuffed with my new hat. It covers my ears really well, and it’s super cute. It took me just a few hours to knit–I started it on Wednesday evening (got about an inch in) and knit most of it at work on Thursday. Super quick. I did have to measure with my hand because I forgot a tape measure. I know my hand is about 7″ from wrist to tip of middle finger, so I knit until it was about half an inch shy of that. Perfect.

 photo 003_zps93de930f.jpg

I took these photos before blocking because I wanted to catch the light (it’s so hard to get pictures of knits during the work week with the days getting shorter and having to work until 5:15). I did block it though. Well, I steam blocked it, which is the most I really ever block anything (except weaving, which gets the whole bath and everything).

 photo 006_zps323edb7e.jpg
(Um, ignore my face)

This pattern ended up being perfect for the yarn. I have a little 30 yard ball left over and who knows what I’ll do with that, but this is absolutely the pattern for this hat. The merino/silk single SHINES in all that stockinette. It’s not my usual color palette (it’s a bit light for me; I tend towards more jewel tones), but it’s MINE. Especially since I paid full retail price for this yarn, and it wasn’t cheap. I don’t feel bad about it though, cause I bought it at an LYS (in Frederickburg) and I like supporting local businesses, plus I like Juniper Moon. I can’t really afford to participate in her CSA (boo!), but I could buy a ball of Juniper Moon yarn.

Coming up on Chez Stitch Brinn Stitch is actually another finished object probably (I’m typing this on Friday and I miiiight be able to finish this project by tomorrow. Which is today if you’re reading this on post day) and I have some pretty yarns to show off. Because (of course) I’m doing more WWFY swaps, and showing off the pretty yarn I get in return is excellent blog fodder when I’m trying to post every day. Who doesn’t want to see yarn glamour shots? No one, that’s who. No one. Or maybe yarn muggles. But probably no one.