I finished one of the WIPs from my WIP Party post the other day. Unsurprisingly, it was the weaving FO because that craft is hella fast once you get past the warping.

 photo 010_zpsf2f68ab2.jpg

Warp: recycled wool/rayon/cashmere/nylon
Weft: Knit Picks Palette in Huckleberry Heather and Mist, about 2/3 a ball of each
Loom: Vergere, the 24″ LeClerc
Pattern: Clasped weft (obviously)

I am super pleased with how this came out, which means it is MINE instead of going in the hypothetically gift bin where most of the scarves I make hypothetically go. Not that I need another scarf, especially in shades of purple and grey, but, well, y’know. MINE. It’s really soft and light, which makes sense considering I used fingering weight yarn instead of my usual worsted weight.

 photo 002_zps881930bc.jpg

I tend to look at the pattern from the grey side, and I think it looks like icicles hanging of the side of a house. I posted the WIP picture in a Ravelry weaving group (Warped Weavers), and someone commented that when looking from the purple side, it looks like cathedrals and their steeples. Not that I care much for churches, but the architecture can often be pretty.

 photo 001_zps98775076.jpg

As I mentioned last time, I made this to practice clasped weft before I move on to the rain drops shawl. I also want to make one of a cityscape–blocks like buildings instead of triangles or lines. I’m not sure how well that would work in actual execution, so I might have to (gasp!) sample on the little loom.

I’ve already warped up another project on the big loom. Just some dish towels in some cotton/acrylic blends left over from other projects. I think I like the hand of the cotton/acrylic blend slightly better for towels. It tends to be softer and more absorbent (at least in my limited experience). Maybe I need a type of cotton yarn other than kitchen cotton. But that’s another post.