I made another scarf. They’re just so quick!

 photo 003_zps2e90e1e7.jpg

Warp: wool/rayon/cashmere/nylon blend, recycled
Weft: thick-and-thin wool, recycled
Loom: Vergere
Reed: 5 dpi
Pattern: Tabby

It’s a scarf. It wove up really quickly thanks to the thick yarn. It is another project destined for the gift bin. Or maybe I’ll just slap those suckers up on Etsy. I’ve finally stopped worrying about what I’m going to do with a hundred scarves, so I’ve weaving as many as I like.

 photo 011_zps636ed56a.jpg

I hope you guys appreciate that I took modeled shots of this thing. Because it’s huge. Probably six and a half feet long and 10 inches wide. Big. I might end up keeping this one after all.

 photo 005_zpsf5bf4e02.jpg

I haven’t trimmed the fringe in any of these photos. Sorry.

 photo 008_zps658e2c36.jpg

It appears July is when I made scarves. Just go with it.