I wove a scarf. Because DC in July during a heatwave is exactly when you want a wool scarf.

 photo 010_zpsf79d618d.jpg

Yarn: Scraps. The weft is a recycled tripled shetland wool. The warp is all manner of things, including Noro Silk Garden and Cascade Eco. Mostly it’s shark mitten left overs
Reed: 5 dpi
Loom: Easy Weaver

A note on the loom before I continue. It’s a Harrisville Easy Weaver and it’s crap for any decent weaving. The pawl and ratchet can take about zero tension before they pop apart. It’s a terrible design, but I guess it works for children who aren’t serious about weaving. It drives me mad, but I do like the small size (need to get an Ashford Sample It). Anyway, in a fit of pique, I emailed Harrisville and complained about the pawl and ratchet design. I mentioned in the email that I’d gotten my loom second hand. I not only heard back from Harrisville saying they had redesigned the pawl a few years back, but they offered to send me a set of replacements. Amazing. I installed them and they’re marginally better (they really need to be much wider and I’m considering replacing them with L brackets), but Harrisville did send them to me for free. So crappy design, but really excellent customer service.

Anyway, more on the scarf.

 photo 009_zps9d46851b.jpg

It’s a scarf. I had a couple of broken warp threads, which was a pain in the ass. It’s something like six feet long. It’s going to the gift box because lord knows I don’t need any more scarves (never mind that I just today warped up the loom for another one).