Sorry for the unintended gap in posts. I was out of town for a week. And I have no excuse for the second week. Anyway, I made a thing.

 photo 023-1_zpsdcb54117.jpg

Pattern: Evenstar
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK
Needles: US 4/3.5 mm
Mods: All I used from the pattern is the cable chart. I pretty much just made everything else up as I went. Plus I added fingers.

I made these for a WWFY swap because Lord knows I need more yarn. (Actual fact: I do not need any more yarn). But they were quick and the yarn was pretty and I liked making them. Maybe I’ll make some for me. (I will probably not make any for me).

 photo 020-1_zpsa6ca847c.jpg

I am pretty keen on the cable though. Pretty. I don’t have a tremendous amount to say about them.

On to other news! I recently read Isard’s Revenge and Starfighters of Adumar because I am completely obsessed with the Star Wars Rogue Squadron books. Especially Wedge, Tycho, Wes, and Hobbie. LOVE THOSE BOYS. Anyway. Joe and I are currently reading Allegience and Choices of One (we’re about halfway through the first one). I started watching True Blood and am all caught up and ready for season six. I have not seen the new Star Trek but I really really want to. Movies are too damn expensive. But I might have a job soon! A real proper nine to five (well, eight-thirty to five-thirty) office job as a Receptionist. Temporarily anyway. Fingers crossed, folks.