I actually made this a while ago to wear for Steampunk World’s Fair, which was May 17-19th. I didn’t get any pictures of my costumes, but they weren’t very good anyway. I mostly just wore clothes. It was fun though.

Pattern: Handsfree Handbag/Look, No Hands from The Knitter’s Bible: Knitted Bags
Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta (Regia) Extra, a DK superwash wool
Needles: US 3

Full disclosure: I got this book out from the library and liked this pattern (and several others) so much that I immediately bought the book off of Amazon. Including shipping, it was only about six bucks, but still. Then I waited for the book to arrive before I could start the project even though I had the yarn all picked out and everything.

I’m kind of in love with this bag. The zipper is a little sticky because my hand sewing is only so-so (sew-sew? Ha, I’m hilarious), but I like it. I even put in a lining:

 photo IMAG0194-1_zps40f717e3.jpg

I ended up carrying it around all weekend. It was the perfect size for my phone, money, gum, chapsticks, and little purchases along the way. Including some buttons with sheep on them.

 photo IMAG0195_zpseea18492.jpg

Anyway, I just slung the bag on a belt, which I wore around my waist. Perfect. It definitely fit in with my outfits and general steaminess.

Oh, and I did take one (terrible photo) while I was there. Not of me, but of someone’s amazing cosplay/costume:

 photo IMAG0158-1_zpsb03321e7.jpg

Steampunk Tigger. Because why not.