I made another pair of socks out of sock yarn scraps. They were pretty quick.

 photo IMAG1181_zps6db85d8f.jpg

Pattern: Top-down sock. Flap/gusset heel, wedge toe
Yarn: Sock scraps, including KP Stroll, Cascade Heritage, and Regia
Needles: US 1. Sock needles.

Whoo, they’re so exciting. By which I mean they are socks and a very utilitarian object.

 photo IMAG1180_zps69e8c7fc.jpg

I have the yarn ready for another pair, though I haven’t cast them on yet. I’ve been working on a sweater and the gloves I showed in the last post.

In life news: I am returning home tomorrow from Virginia Beach. Then back to life as usual (with bonus job hunting!) until May, when it’s MDSW followed by Steampunk World Fair (which, shit, I need to do some sewing). Those two weeks are going to be ALL MY MONEY. So I’m really gonna need a decent job by June. I’m working on it.