As much as I would love to show off some FO pictures, most of the things I’ve finished recently are either super secret or swap stuff. Or shark mittens that I keep forgetting to photograph anyway. But I’m trucking along on some not-so-secret knits, and that stuff I can show you.

First, the lace sweater, which I’m calling Diamonds in the Rough:


I’m actually a bit further along than this– I finished the collar and am working on the sleeve cap shaping. I’m attempting a seamless set-in-sleeve and it has occurred to me that I possibly should have tried to make a sweater with seamless set-in sleeves, something I’ve never done before, in stockinette before I attempted it in lace, but oh well. It’s a learning experience. And the body fits pretty well:


The sleeves are going to be wide and I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that quite yet. I’m going to work the sleeve cap on both sides and then go from there.

The other non-secret thing on the needles is a pair of socks:


Well, one sock anyway. I’m using Sidar Crofter DK on US 2 needles. Toe up, obviously. Wedge toe. Will probably attempt a toe-up flap and gusset heel. I have three skeins of the yarn so I’m going to try to make them as long as possible.

I DID send my package for a Doctor Who swap yesterday, so when that is received, I can show pictures of what I sent. So stay tuned. : )