SO WHO SAW THE DOCTOR WHO PREMIERE? ALL THE THOUGHTS. So brain is basically DOCTOR WHO OMG and also ROGUE SQUADRON OMG because the boyfriend is reading them to me and ALL MY FEELINGS. Anyway, I’ve been knitting on some super secret stuff so I can’t show that just yet. I can, however, show you some sewing I did yesterday.\

First I made this zipper pouch to replace my old Halloween-themed knitting notions bag:


Pretty simple and I managed not to fuck it up too badly which is great cause me + sewing usually = mistakes.

The next thing is a project bag that is AMAZING AND FANNISH:


AHH TARDIS FABRIC. Spoonflower had a deal recently for a free fat quarter with $1 shipping. So you know I was all over that. I also made an *ahem* super secret project and I had about a five inch square left over. So it became this:


TARDIS hoop! For the hoop wall/door, obviously. : )