I currently have two things on the needles, both of which have made some progress since I last showed you them.

The vanilla socks:


I’m two stripes away from the heel on the second sock. I keep these in my purse at all times so they get worked on fairly regularly.

And the design I’m working on, tentatively called Roundabout:


I took this picture this afternoon and had since picked up stitches around the bottom to work a ruffle. Mostly to stop it from rolling up, which bugs me. So yeah.

I’ve also recently done some dyeing:


The skeins came from different sweaters but have similar compositions, wool/nylon blends, perfect for socks (that I’ll have to handwash). There’s a little bit of difference in the weight but I kind of want to do striped knee socks or some sort of two-color shawl.

I dyed the green in my crock pot and the purpley/rust colored one in a pot on the stovetop. I used a combination of Jacquard Acid Dyes and Kool Aid.

I did another two skeins too but I had to dip them a second time and they’re currently drying. I’ll have pictures of that later.

On a personal note, my younger brother is graduating from high school tomorrow. Allegedly. So, y’know, whoo or whatever. : )