I actually finished knitting this sweater like a week ago but then KCBW happened and pictures got pushed back. Anyway, it’s all done.


Pattern: Hexagon Petal Tee from IK Spring 2011
Yarn: Takhi Cotton Classic
Needles: US 6/4mm
Mods: None. Worked as written.

I quite like how this sweater came out. My mannequin is a bit smaller than the recipient, so this isn’t the final fit. Once I figured out how to work the damn hexagons, it was pretty smooth sailing. The motifs make it seems like it’s going a lot faster than it probably is. It was a fun knit.


I’m thinking I might make another for myself but I haven’t decided yet. I would make some mods for me, namely that I would leave out two hexagons for purposes of fit. I think this top is supposed to be a bit loose and that look doesn’t always work for me.

I’m still working on my Carousel socks and am just starting a new sweater in some sock yarn. Also, I have to post what I received from the Whedonverse Swap, and it is completely awesome.