I received an email yesterday from a woman whose son recently lost his Betta fish to infection. She said she did not knit but her son was missing his pet and could I possibly make a knitted one for him that looks like his pet.

You can’t really turn down such an adorable request, can you? Of course not. This is the picture of Rosie she sent me:


I happen to have some blue/purple yarn that was a pretty close color match, though not shiny, obviously. Here’s the fish I came up with:


(It’s a little blue-er in real life.)

I used a slightly modified Betta fish pattern of mine. I added the front red bits and did the bottom fin a little differently than in the pattern. I sent a picture to the woman who requested the fish and her son is pleased with it. So that’s good.

Because what the hell good is knitting if you can’t occasionally help a sad kid?

(PS You can now purchase handknit betta fish on my etsy shop here.)