Day six and I’m still going! The other day I cast on for a new project (Startitus. I has it). I have a desperate love of garter belts, lots of socks and tons of yarn, so…


I’ve got a bit more than this now, but it’s going pretty well. It’s linen stitch (I really really love linen stitch) in a worsted weight wool/acrylic blend on 3.75mm straights. It’s going to have corset lacing in the back and I think the fronts will fasten together somehow, but I haven’t worked out what yet. This is my first version, which should be practical at least, and I’ll make another to fine tune the pattern in some wool/silk yarn I have.

And no, I probably won’t have modeled shots. Of me in my knickers anyway. I’ll probably put on tights then long socks over that.

I’m currently plugging away at my Karlsro sweater (almost to the sleeves!). Then I’ll probably work on the wwfy sweater in mohair for a bit. And then I’ll probably cast on for a billion things. Cause that’s how I do.