Sooooo here is a finished object, the Leah vest I finished the other day.


Pattern: Leah. Still working on it.
Yarn: Feza Yarns Zarone, about 1.5 skeins.
Needles: US 6
Mods: Ugh.


So this came out too big again for some reason or other, probably gauge. Cause you know I don’t swatch, ever. I ended up sewing some darts in the side and down the back and it fits pretty well now, even if there are pretty obvious seam lines. I don’t care about the ones on the sides cause my arms are usually in the way, but the one in the back (which, no, you can’t see) could be neater.

Anyway, I managed to get a finished object I’m mostly pleased with. And slowly I’m working out the kinks in the pattern with the help of some dedicated testers. Hopefully it should be available… ever. Sometime. Eventually.

I also finished my thigh high socks (pics of those tomorrow maybe) and started a colorwork hat. With cables. Because I suck at colorwork, so OF COURSE we should add cables to the mix. Fearless knitter, that’s me.