A couple of days ago, I finished the hat that matches the Kitty Hawk mitts I made.


Pattern: Kitty Hawk
Yarn: Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in Oak Timberworm and Oleander Hawk Moth.
Needles: US 2 and US 4.
Mods: None, knit as written


So this hat was a lot of fun to knit. It has a really interested construction, and it goes by REALLY quickly. Each of the panels for the top were done in roughly an hour each (I knit them in class; the front and back took a little longer than the sides). I sort of used mattress stitch to sew everything together, but the top seam looks a lot better than the side seams.

When I finished the hat, I showed it to my boyfriend (as I do, and also because I intend to make the hat for myself eventually), and he wasn’t crazy about the shape or the points at the top. I personally LOVE the shape–it’s so interesting and it’s different from the usual rounded top hat. It’ll definitely stand out in a crowd. I can’t wait til I have a moment to knit for myself. I want to make this hat (in addition to a million other things I want to knit for myself).

Til then, it’s shark mittens and socks for other people.