So like I mentioned on Thursday, I went to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow Part One. I went with a huge group of friends and arrived at the theater three hours early (it’s a small theater so there was no one else there really until like, 45 minutes before midnight) and it was super fun. I dressed up sort of as a Slytherin:

(Image by Caitlin Murphy)

Sweater dress, tights, pumps. I also drew myself a dark mark tattoo:

(sorry for the crappy phone photo).

The premiere was tons of fun, and a bunch of my friends dressed up too:

(Image by Caitlin Murphy)

Okay, this is muchly the fencing and renaissance clubs, neither of which I am a part of, but many of my friends are. So yay.

Anyway, my thoughts on the film, let me show you them (spoilers ahead, obviously).

I liked the movie a lot, but this is mostly because I’ve only seen it once, so my reactions are more like, “It’s things from the book! They’re on the screen! Squee!”. I have to see it again to really judge it thought. I think the direction could have been better (it was very artsy), and it’s annoying that they split the book into two films but still left a TON of important stuff out. And they had time to add in the whole Deathly Hollows story but not to mention A that Xenophillius’s necklace was also Grindewald’s sign and B, who the hell Grindewald was. As a Harry Potter fan and someone who’s read the books, I liked the film, but if you don’t already know what’s going on, you’re going to be totally lost and not have any idea who anyone is (for example who the hell Bill Weasley is) or how they connect (certainly they’ve played down the Harry has his mother’s eyes thing which is important to Snape’s redemption).

So how bout you guys? What were your thoughts on the film?