So… the day got away from me and I didn’t get a chance to snap any pictures of the thing I finished knitting yesterday or the things I was working on today. I’m heading out to a party in a little bit so I don’t have time now (and it’s dark anyway), so today marks NaBloPoMo day number one with no pictures. I did make it all the way to day thirteen though, so go me!

The party I am going to tonight is a masquerade ball, which means I had to make a masquerade mask. I was going to knit it but time got away from me, so I made it out of cardboard and leather. I want to show it off (as well as the one I helped my boyfriend make), but I’ll do it when there’s more light (tomorrow probably).

Coming up this week will be FO posts about a couple of little things, WIP posts about a new WWFY swap (for some really awesome thing), and SOMETIME this month I want to do a tut on grafting in pattern (which I figured out how to do from grafting the cabled top of my Red Riding Hood cape). I haven’t seen a tut like this around (I know, I was looking for one), so I’m hoping when I get it up, it’ll be a pretty valuable resource.

Til then, cheers!