So I am currently on Fall Break from school until Wednesday. Which means no class on Monday and Tuesday. Whoo! Today I went downtown with my friend Sarah and explored some antique stores in the quaint town of Fredericksburg. Fun times. I also rode my bike up and down hills for about an hour, so exercise! Whoo!

We went downtown looking for Halloween costume ideas (for Sarah) and costume elements (for me). I still need to find a basket of some sort, and I am looking for red shoes as well. We were, unfortunately, unsuccessful, but we did spy this:

(sorry for the blurry picture)

That’s a muff. Made of fur. WITH A FACE. Frightening.

(In crafting news: I’m knitting for swaps and commissions. And I started today taking pictures of my stash to load into Ravelry. Also, don’t forget about the contest!)