As the title says, I am all unpacked and moved into my apartment at school. I have so, so much stuff, so it took a while to get everything unpacked, but I’m finally pretty much done. The apartment is really nice: very spacious and open (though currently, the front room and hall are very bare. We do have a lovely view of the courtyard of the apartment complex:


I’ve been decorating a little bit (but I need to get some more picture hanging tabs before I can do much more):

(There are lots of very blank white walls.)

And my desk is all set up and mostly ready for paper writing and studying (not that I do a whole lot of either despite being an English major, but the thought is there):

(You can see the sweater I mentioned last week, though it’s currently on pause while I work on some swap stuff, as well as some more artwork that needs to be hung.)

I’ve even set up a craft corner in the corner of the living room. The vast majority of my possessions are craft-related (supplies, books, works in progress, etc), so it’s nice to have a central location for them all:


The iron usually sits on the table and I use the purple thing as a bench as the table is rather too short for most chairs. The only thing that’s not stored in the craft corner is my two Rubbermaid bins of yarn because A, there isn’t really room for them over there and B, I go into my yarn stash a lot less often then my other craft supplies (just when I need to start a new project, mostly, since I tend to stick with one at a time. One of these days I’m going to take everything out of the bins, air it out, and sort it by weight (sock and lace in one, worsted, bulky in another. Haven’t decided where to put sport weight yet since I don’t have very much).

I’m highly pleased to have a space to sew though. I don’t do a great amount of sewing because I’m not very good (though it’s more accurate to say I’m not very precise), but it’s nice to know I can use the sewing machine at two in the morning and not really risk waking up my roommates.

Anyway, now that I’m mostly settled in, I should be back to regular blog posts. I’m only taking four classes this semester (I’ve been having issues with scheduling), so I’ll have a lot of free time (though I’m going to very vaguely look for a job).