So I mentioned last time that I was working on another pair of socks. Ribbed socks, two at a time, out of Cascade Sassy Stripes. Here’s what they look like:


Okay, they’re a bit farther along than that since I took this picture yesterday afternoon. But you get the picture. (Pun mostly not intended.)

I’ve also been receiving various swap things. I’m going to wait and post things as a group, but I joined a bookmark swap on Craftster. I haven’t started mine yet (gonna wait til I get back to school and have more space and access to my crafting supplies as currently, they’re mostly packed), but I’ve received two (totally awesome ones) so far. I’m also waiting on some OWS stuff (a surprise and some fabric).

Also, speaking of returning to school, I should mention that I’m moving back to Fredericksburg either Saturday or Sunday of this week. The blog will probably be pretty quiet for a couple of days around that time as I’ll need to be seriously packing (as opposed to the sort of packing I’ve been doing so far) and then I’ll be settling into my apartment and starting classes.

One last thing: the giveaway for a free copy of any one of my patterns ends tonight at midnight! If you haven’t already entered, you definitely should as there aren’t that many entries and odds are good!