I finished another pair of shark mittens for a commission on Etsy. Whoo!

(The model, btw, is my brother, whose fingers are waaaay to long for the mittens but whom I shanghaied into modeling because his learning to drive is using up the gas I pay for with no input from him)

Pattern: My shark mittens
Yarn: Cascade Eco and overdyed vintage wool
Needles: US 6/4mm
Mods: None


You know, I really like knitting shark mittens. The pattern is definitely my most successful pattern to date (by a landslide). The result, I think, is super cute, and they’re pretty fast. I made this pair in like three days. I like ’em.


In other knitting news, I am still working on the Crocus socks. I’ll try to snap a picture of them sometime tomorrow so you can see where I am. I’ve also recently made a couple of OWS claims, so I have a cold weather set (probably a hat and shorter Bella Mittens) and a pair of slippers to make (plus some notecards). Fortunately, those are all really quick knits, so I’ll be able to knock them out pretty quickly. I’ve started (like today) watching Firefly (it’s on Netflix), so they’ll all be things I can knit up in a couple of episodes.