Greetings, once again, from DC!

On Wednesday, while discussing with my family what we were planning to do in DC over the couple of days we would be here, the following exchange took place:

Mother: “We should go in the Capitol building!”
Me: “…Okay.”
Mother: “If we go in the Capitol, you can’t bring your knitting needles.”
Me: “…Then we can’t go.”
Mother: “They have lockers in the Natural History Museum. We can leave our stuff there.”
Me: “…If I can’t bring knitting, I do not want to go.”

We did not end up going into the Capitol building.

This is because we missed our reservation while searching for the Vienna metro station, but still. I feel like I’ve won that particular battle.

We did do other things though. My sister, brother, mother and I drove up early Thursday morning (we left the house at like, five am) for my sister’s college orientation. We dropped her off and my brother, mother and I traipsed about the city even though it was about 100 degrees (no exaggeration). We visited the Library of Congress:


and the zoo


and I took a picture of the Capitol:


And we also went to the Hirshorn museum of modern art, Eastern Market, Stitch DC, and the American History museum. I didn’t really take a lot of pictures while we were out. I did do a fair bit of knitting though. I knitted in the car on the way to DC (unfortunately, I have a difficult time sleeping in the car, even if it is five-thirty in the morning), on the metro, and while waiting for various things around town. The scarf I’m knitting (which I believe I mentioned in a previous post) now looks like this:


It’s still got a ways to go (I’m knitting a whole ball of Malabrigo lace), but the pattern is really simple and it’s motoring right along.