Nothing much new to report on the crafting front, I’m afraid. I’m still plugging away at the Lakeside socks (I just finished the calf decreases and am now working on the rest of the leg), but there’s a ways to go yet. Here’s a bad picture of the second sock so far:


I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, so wish me luck for my surgery tomorrow. I don’t know how lucid/willing to blog I’ll be for the next couple of days, but I do suspect I’ll be able to knock out the rest of the socks–I won’t be about to do much else but knit tomorrow and the next day.

I’m also going back into DC later this week. I’m leaving early Thursday morning and I don’t know yet whether I’ll be back on Friday afternoon for a couple of days or if I’m staying through the week. Either way, I’ll try to blog as things happen but no promises. : )