So I tried to sew a blouse.

It’s really hard to find cute blouses that A, fit me and B, don’t cost a billion dollars. These things are difficult cause I have a really long torso plus am a huge cheapskate when it comes to clothes so… Yeah. So I bought some white cotton fabric and downloaded the JJ pattern from BurdaStyle. I prewashed the fabric. I measured. I even pressed all my seams. And yet, it still came out looking like this:


Yeah. Don’t be fooled by the innocuous floor shot–it’s bad. It doesn’t have buttons or button holes (cause why take all the time for a shirt I’m sure I’ll never wear on its own?). It’s way too big, there’s no shaping to speak of, and the directions are unclear and impossible to understand. Yeah. Not a good experience. It looks okay under a vest though I guess:


On the whole, I don’t like sewing from patterns. I don’t especially care for sewing clothes in general, mostly because I’m not very precise so things don’t hang or fit well. I can sew a pretty bitchin’ totebag cause there’s a lot of wiggle room so I don’t actually have to measure. It’s unfortunate because I love sewing. Just not clothes. I wish I did, but the problem with sewing clothes from patterns is that I am almost always smaller than the smallest size listed and once I cut everything out and sew it all together, it’s not like I can just take it out and redo it, like I can with knitting.

Speaking of knitting, my Lakeside swap socks currently look like this:


I’m almost through the calf shaping, which is good cause I am SO READY to turn the heel on the sucker.

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