If you’ve followed me here from The Adulterous Whores Club, welcome! I hope you’ll stick around! To start things off on the right foot with the new blog here, here’s a short post about some socks:


Pattern: It’s a 40 st. toe-up sock with a garter stitch short row heel.
Yarn: Cascade Fixation
Needles: US 3/2.75 mm dpns


I love knitting socks out of Fixation. The turn around time is amazingly fast–I knit these almost entirely today on the train from DC to Virginia Beach (though I started the toe of the first one yesterday on the Metro). They’re thick, cushy, and comfortable and great for wearing in the spring and fall. Love ’em. I have at least another ball in red and another ball in purple, so I’ll probably be making more. : )

I have two more finished knits that I’ll be showing off soon, and an interesting challenge/contest that I’ll be talking about later. : ) Stay tuned!