Specifically from inside of Borders, where I am spending the afternoon (or was at the time of this writing) because my boyfriend works there. It’s been a lovely couple of days and I am highly enjoying being here (well… DC. Not necessary specifically Borders). Yesterday we went for a walk to a very pretty park with a trail:

Photobucket Photobucket

and tomorrow (today, when you guys get this) we’re planning on visiting the zoo (so I expect there will be pictures to share of that later).

I have also been knitting: I started a summery tank out of some Cascade Pima Tencel which is super soft and super wonderful to work with. I brought yarn for a variety of projects (including several socks) and I’m also planning to visit Fibre Space in Alexandria while I’m here, so on the off chance that I finish this tank (highly unlikely), I’ll have plenty of things to knit. As for pictures for this here blog of mine, I recently finished a gift for my friend Sarah’s birthday, but I still need to photograph it and send it, so a post about it will happen once she receives it.