So, as I’ve mentioned a couple of times so far, I am currently home in Virginia Beach for my summer break from school (and I’m not pleased about it, but that’s a story for another day). This means I have the time and supplies (or ability to drive to the store to get supplies) to do all the various crafts I’ve been meaning to get around to.

Like this tutorial on CRAFT for a vintage tea cup pincushion. I went to the Good Will outlet the other day looking for a couple of things (wool sweaters, yarn/craft supplies, and tea cups) and found some tiny porcelain tea cups, probably from a child’s playset.

I didn’t feel like sewing, so I just sort of stuffed the fabric in there. My first attempt at this turned out like this:


…Yeah. I have since pulled out the fabric with the intent on reusing the cup. My second attempt was much better because I gathered the excess fabric at the bottom and tied some thin crochet cotton around the bundle THEN glued and stuffed. It came out much better:


Yes, that’s Dora the Explorer. Yes, I am aware she’s now a busty teen. Yes, I am appalled. And yes, I will be using this pin cushion (and yes, it’s adorable).