(Incidentally, these shoes are great for showing off socks–I got them for like $6 at a JC Penny outlet store.)

Pattern: Footies
Yarn: Premiere Serenity Sock (in Aquamarine)
Needles: US 1
Mods: I basically just threw the stitch pattern into my own toe-up sock.


So these are definitely my favorite hand-knit socks to date. The yarn is really soft and was great to knit (also CHEAP), the pattern is cute, and I lengthened the leg a lot more than usual for ankle socks as well as ribbed the back, resulting in a sock that actually FITS instead of slides down my heel when I walk. These STAY PUT and I am THRILLED about it. I also used a garter stitch heel this time, which I’m hoping will help with wear (though I’ve heard good things about the wear of the yarn on Ravelry).


Speaking of Ravelry and this yarn–there are a lot of mixed opinions. Some think it’s super splitty, some don’t. Some think it’s too thin, some are absolutely repulsed by the colors, and some think it’s great. I personally am a big fan of the yarn–really soft, not too splitty. I got it from Jo Ann’s while I was in Florida in December/January for something like $2.50 a ball. I bought three, but the next time I get to a Jo Ann’s (whenever that will be–there isn’t one in Virginia Beach and I don’t have a car at school), I’ll be picking up some more. The bamboo content does mean the socks stretch out a little with wear, though I suspect a run through the washer and dryer will tighten them right back up.

I’m definitely on a sock knitting kick, and I don’t have nearly enough sock yarn. I think I have enough for about five pairs (six if I knit two pairs of ankle socks out of my skein of Tofutsies instead of one regular size pair). I am planning at some point to order some sock yarn from Knit Picks (their new Stroll tonal looks soooo pretty), so that’ll help. Plus, I mean, I’ve got five pairs of socks to knit in the mean time. And I believe Michaels has at least one more color of Heart and Sole I haven’t tried yet.

In case you couldn’t tell, I am now officially a Sock Knitter.