Sooooo….. Remember how I said that besides swap stuff, I was just going to work on Featherweight because I wanted to just get the damn thing done? Well…


I’ve had a serious sock craving for the past several days, and I decided I would just give in. The yarn is Premiere’s Serenity Sock Weight in Aquamarine and the pattern is Footies (though I basically just threw the stitch pattern into my own toe-up sock). They’re coming along nicely, and I think they will be nice summer socks. Though I’ll probably wear them in the winter too, or at least in the fall.

I will finish Featherweight eventually, by the way. I’ve just decided it will be a long term project. Whenever I finish something and have no swaps on the schedule, I get a little anxious deciding what to knit next. Featherweight will be a nice go-to project so I’ll have something to knit while I decide what to cast on for next. Also, I’m making a resolve to knit a couple of rows on it at least once a week (preferably more). If I space it out with more interesting knits, I’ll feel less bored with it.