Sorry for the unintentional radio silence, people. It’s amazing how lax I get about posting when I don’t have a ton of finished things to show you.

Anyway, I’m still working on Girl Friday. I finished the sleeves and got them sewn into the body. Currently, it looks like this:


I just have to do the collar/button band, block it fully, then sew on the buttons. Since this project is no longer portable, I started another sweater type thing:


It’s the two-color ribbed shrug from Fitted Knits (which I got for my birthday and love) in grey Cascade 220. It will be perfect for getting to wear cute little dresses and tanks in colder weather. I have a feeling this is going to knit up reeeeeally quickly.

This little shrug, I’ve decided, is going to be my NaSweMoDo (it’s called something different on Ravelry this year though) number two. I didn’t count the shrug I made last year cause it was little, but I’m not sure I really need another 12 full-sized sweaters, so I’m counting shrugs. And probably a capelet that I’m planning to make around September.

I’ve got several sweaters planned for this year, including a yoked zip up (for Ravelympics, which I’ll talk more about later), another (light-weight) shrug, a striped button-up, and I’m going to finish that damn Featherweight. Sometime this year.

Also: remember the fuck-up with my address I told you about the other day? I think I probably fixed it. I just called USPS, and the woman I spoke to put in the right address, so hopefully it will get to me with speed. : )