Thanks, Demetri Martin for that big of comedic gold. I think it’s funny at least.

Anyway, as the title suggests, I am knitting a sweater vest. Currently, it looks like this:

(sorry for the crappy photo–I wanted a post for today but was going to be too busy to write one, so picture and post writing happened Tuesday night.)

It’s this free pattern on Ravelry. I’ve had to make a lot of modifications because it only comes in a size large, and I am quite small. So I’ve basically disregarded the pattern except for basic directions for making a v-neck and where to cast off the sleeves.

In other knitting news, I’ve had a brilliant idea for both a knitted thing and a pattern that will be available with it. The pattern is largely knit up, I think, I just have to test a few things to make sure it will work. Trust me, it will be AWESOME.