Pattern: It’s a toe-up sock. My own. Short row heel because they’re awesome and smooth.
Yarn: Cascade Fixation, less than a skein if you can believe it.
Needles: US 3/3.25 mm metal dpns from a garage sale like, eons ago.


So sock knitting is pretty cool. I only ever wear ankle socks, so they knit up reasonably quickly. I haven’t knit many socks and I’ve yet to actually use fingering weight yarn, but socks are awesome. These socks… These socks are amazing. A, they cost me about three dollars to make, which for sock knitting is basically free. And they knit up HELLA FAST. DK weight yarn knits up really quickly. Oh, and they’re so squishy and comfy and amazing. And I love them.

So basically, I’ll be knitting socks now.

I’ll still mostly be knitting sweaters because I love knitting sweaters, but socks will also happen. I’ve got like, four more balls of Fixation that will probably become socks (at least one in a lace pattern), and there will be leftovers, which will be made into little, like half socks that you wear with ballet flats. Yeah.

So I’ve just today cast on for Foliage out of some Lion Wool not because I need more hats but because I need MOAR LACE. Or something. Next up on the knitting agenda is Owls, I think (modified into a cardigan), since I got my order from WEBS today, or most of it anyway. I ordered two skeins of Cascade Eco Wool (one in grey and one in coffee) and four balls of Valley Yarns Northampton in a lovely purple that will probably become a lovely cardigan, possibly the ubiquitous DROPS jacket or possibly Girl Friday from the latest issue of Knitty.

Foliage first, though. Then Owls. Then probably some more hats when Owls gets too big to take to class. Stash busting should… probably happen.Though really, once I use up the Eco Wool, there will be lots more room in my stash. But I don’t plan on buying anymore yarn for a while. Stash busting! It’s happening! Or something.