So I recently discovered inchies. Inchies, if you don’t know what they are, are little 1″x1″ works of art, usually grouped together. More information on them can be found in a very helpful post on Craftster here. My recent obsession with card making led me to think I’d also like making inchies. I was right:


I love almost all of them, though I do have a couple favorites. I love the one with the starburst as well as the one with the argyle pattern that says “Live big”. I’m also quite fond of the one with the big pink b. : )

I used a variety of materials to make these. Some old books I got in a library sale in Fredericksburg in French, German, and Japanese, a magazine, bits of a newspaper, scrapbook paper, some punches, and stamps that I either bought or carved and stamp pads my mother had around (though I did buy a couple for myself).

It’s safe to say I’m completely hooked on making inchies. I even signed up for an inchies swap: you make a total of 49 inchies and send seven groups of seven to other people. Though I did sign up for the swap before I made these. I’d been meaning to try inchies and I figured the swap would give me the push I needed.

I’m pretty thrilled about the swap, both for making and receiving. I think I’m going to mount them all and frame them to spice up my dorm room. : )