No new FO’s to report (shocking, I know), but I have certainly been knitting and crafting. I’ve been working on a tank top:


(Razor Cami in Caron Simply Soft cause it’s what I’ve got onhand and I want it out of the stash)

and a little cardigan for my littlest cousin:


It’s in some random sport-weight acrylic I got from my grandmother ages ago (it’s been in my stash basically since I started knitting). The cardigan is the 24 months size, so I hope it will fit him during the winter. He’s not even a year and according to my sister (according to the baby’s sister), he’s already in 18 month size clothes. We’ll see.

In non-knitting news, my sister and I spent an afternoon being crafty, resulting in this:


We made paper! Ground up newspaper and magazine pages in a blender, dumped everything in the sink with a bunch of water, then strained the pulp and let it all dry. It’s thick and some of it’s quite fragile, and it’s a strange grey color, but I like it, and I’ll definitely use it in some paper crafts. And there’s glitter in it!

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately. I did another round of the Ongoing Wish Swap, so that will be happening soon. And there might also be a little tutorial type of thing… Stay tuned!