I’m in between waiting for my swap package and plugging away on my Cavern Cardi, so until one of those things generates pictures, here’s a little post-let for something I’ve knitted recently:


Just a simple little tissue cozy so tissues don’t get all over my purse in shredded little bits. I saw this one but am averse to seaming, so I knit one all in one piece, both to avoid seaming and to practice my figure 8 cast on, which I’d just learned. It’s pretty straight forward, but if anyone wants a specific pattern, let me know. : )

As I said, still working on the cardi. It’s getting there. Also, in my perusal of the internets the other day, I manage to order something like 500 buttons (or at least 225) from a seller on Etsy (I mean, they were only like, six bucks, and buttons from the craft store ain’t cheap). They should be here soon, and I’ll certainly snap some pictures of them for you to envy. : ) I love buttons, but I don’t have nearly enough. I’m building a stash. Because certainly, a yarn and fabric stash isn’t enough.