Whatup, kids?

Bad news: I suffered a computer crash recently, so the most interneting I can do is on the school lab computers and my beautiful, lovely, amazing BlackBerry, without which I would have long since lost my mind. Anyway this means few new posts and no new Ravelry pictures. Sad, I know.

But because I know you’re still interested, I’ll tell you that I started and finished Talia (still needs buttons though) and a pair of mittens, pattern my own. More details and pictures when I get this whole computer clusterfuck resolved. And that’s not a candy bar. I’m also fixing to start a Meret for my sister, pictures and details also to follow the clusterfuck. I also have some things I can’t blog quite yet anyway because they are for a swap. You’ll see, you’ll see.

Anyway, there’s going to a bit of a waiting period as I have to backup everything on my laptop and reload the software and/or get a desktop in the meantime, which is a distinct possibility.

Thank for your patience, guys!