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So, like I said before, I’m doing another round of the Ongoing Wish Swap over on Craftster. I claimed PhoenixFireDesigns for some knit wristwarmers. They are awesome and look like this:


Pattern: My own, using a Norwegian Star pattern that’s all over the internet.
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in Fog and Red Heart Heart and Sole in Spring Stripes.
Needles: US 3/3.75 mm


They’re really pretty and I love how they came out. I did the star motif using intarsia in the round which was a pain in the ass, but worth it. I was afraid I was going to run out of the Heart and Sole because I only had a little bit left, but I actually ended up only using a couple of yards and probably have enough to make another pair or two of similar mitts (or something else with a pretty self-striping contrast row).

And now for the fail: So, as it works in OWS, someone claimed me for something off my list, then pm’d me for my address so they could send it to me. I very carefully replied with my address. OR SO I THOUGHT. See, I have two addresses, sort of. I have my school address/mailbox number that I use for mail when I’m at school in Fredericksburg and I have my home address, which I use when I’m at home in Virginia Beach. Now, I’m at school in F’Burg til May. I managed to type in the correct address for school EXCEPT FOR THE ZIP CODE, which, if you know anything about the USPS, you’ll know is the MOST IMPORTANT PART.

So, yeah. Now my package is sitting is Post Office limbo. I’m hoping it’ll get to me eventually. Cause I’m sort of really excited about what I was claimed for. So everyone, cross your fingers and hope for the best. I’d appreciate it. : )


FINALLY got a moment to snap some pictures and write a blog post, so post one of five different swap posts is happening RIGHT NOW for the Beatles-themed swap I joined. In this post, there will be the things I got from my partner (well, it was sort of round robin). Here’s what crazyda79 sent me:


This sweet magnet, which is on my fridge.


Paul’s song writing pen. : )


A cool picture frame. I need to obtain a picture for it though.


This TOTALLY SWEET painting which is residing above a drawer unit, on display.


And this AWESOME BAG. Of course it was actually signed by the Beatles. : )

My projects won’t be showing up for a while, mostly because I’ve been hella busy, but you will certainly see when I get it all together. Plus two other swaps and some knitting. Classes started today, affording me lots of knitting time in class. Plus I actually have fewer obligations. Plus I can knit and read at the same time. : ) Stay tuned.

No craft projects to show in this post, I’m afraid, but I wanted to check in to say that I’ve officially moved back to Fredericksburg, crammed all my things in a tiny little dorm room and am currently going through the crazy week of orientation. It’s my second year of school, but I’m an orientation leader, which means that this entire week I have been and will be hella busy.

Which means there will be no pretty craft projects until at least next week. I’ll have stuff from a Beatles-themed swap, a whole bunch of inchies, and maybe some Post Secret cards. There’s also some super secret knitting projects that will show up every so often.

But not til next week. So you’ll just have to hold on til then.

After many moons (or at least, a couple of days), Hey Teach has been photographed:

Photobucket Photobucket

(More pictures can, of course, be found on the Ravelry Page for this project.)

Here are the specs:

Yarn: Cascade Sierra (LOVE)
Needles: US 8/5mm
Pattern: Hey Teach from Knitty.
Modifications: None, I knit it as-is.

The buttons came from the very small button stash I have (I stole them off a cardigan I chopped up) and I think they suit this sweater very well. It fits fantastically and I can’t wait for the weather to really warm up so I can wear it out and about. This is the perfect little cardi to wear to make a cami more office-appropriate or to cover your shoulders on a cool spring or summer evening.

And the YARN. I love this yarn. It’s super soft and lovely, and in the right light, it sort of SHIMMERS. Amazing. Plus, it is in a fantastic color that I love to death.

In other knitting news, I am nearly finished with Lime, my Cavern Cardi in Cotton-Ease. I’ve finished everything except for one sleeve, and for that I have something like fifteen inches of stockinette in the round left. It’s perfect for mindless movie knitting, though it’s gotten a little unwieldy for classroom knitting. Something smaller for class that I’ve started is a pair of socks! My first pair! They’re the Striped Footies from Lion Brand, though I didn’t use stripes and just knit the toe and heel in a different color. More on those when I actually finish them (though I did finish one already).

I also recently signed up for two swaps (and am considering a third) but the send-out dates aren’t until May (the third swap isn’t til June), so I’ll refer to them vaguely, but no pictures or specifics til May.